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Don't mess with Texas

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License Request

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NOTE: The department may waive or reduce the amount of fees, royalties, or other monetary or nonmonetary value to be assessed if it is determined by TxDOT that the waiver will further the goals and missions of the department and result in a net benefit to the state.

Notice: Read Before Submitting

This is a request to enter into a license agreement with TxDOT for the use of the Don't mess with Texas registered mark. If TxDOT denies the request, a written statement describing the reason for denial will be provided to the requestor. A requestor may appeal a denial of a license request to the executive director or designee by submitting a written request for appeal. The decision of the executive director or his or her designee will be final. Please submit all appeals to:

Don't mess with Texas
Travel Information Division
Texas Department of Transportation
150 E. Riverside Dr.
Austin, Texas 78704

If the department approves a license request, the requestor will be contacted by the department and the requestor must execute a written license agreement with TxDOT prior to any use of the Don't mess with Texas mark. Approval of this request is preliminary and is not an approval of a license or any terms of the submitted request. All license agreements will contain terms and conditions the department deems necessary to protect the department, including, but not limited to: (1) license term and geographical area; (2) rights granted, including patent-rights; (3) description of products utilizing the trademark; (4) fees or royalties; (5) inspection of licensee's books and records; (6) policing of trademark or copyright infringement; (7) prohibited uses; (8) indemnification of the department; and (9) a non-exclusivity clause.

Public Information

Requests for the licensure of department itellectual property that is determined to be public information under Texas Government Code, Chapter 552 will be processed in accordance with all applicable laws.

Thank you for your request.