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Information for Parents & Teachers

Welcome to the Don’t Mess with Texas Litter Force Web site for kids! In this section for parents and teachers you can learn more about the Litter Force program and its objectives, and access useful resources and lesson plans with classroom activities that supplement the Web site.

About the Program

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is now targeting even younger Texans with its litter-prevention campaign. The new "Litter Force Team" teaches elementary-age children about the perils of littering and how they can pledge to help "Blast the Trash" and protect Texas roadways from litter.

Meet the Litter Force Characters

The Litter Force, a group of four superheroes, aims to excite and inspire younger children to become litter-savvy and join their team. Each character uses special powers to "Blast the Trash":

  • "Hawk" sees litter that may be hidden or is miles away.
  • "Ultra" shoots a beam from her armbands that catches the trash.
  • "Bolt" hears litter as soon as it is dropped and races with amazing speed to catch it.
  • "K-900" the team's half-bulldog, half-robot canine, uses his expert sense of smell to detect litter and can teleport himself anywhere to pick it up.

The Litter Force's mission is to protect Texas roadsides from a gang of trash villains. The villains are representative of the most common types of litter found on Texas highways as recorded by TxDOT in the 2005 Visible Litter Study:

  • "Ciggy Butts": Cigarette butts make up 33% of roadside litter.
  • "The Chipinator": Fast food wrappers and snacks make up 29% of roadside litter.
  • "Pop Top": Cans and bottles make up 11% of roadside litter.
  • "Micro-litter" like ketchup packets, straws and candy wrappers are also a problem. These are represented by:
  • Der Packet
  • Spit Wad
  • Madam Gum

Student Activity

This Don’t Mess with Texas Litter Force Parent/Teacher Activity sheet provides the opportunity for students to discuss and learn vocabulary words associated with litter prevention, watch the Litter Force public service announcements, and create their own litterbag. Download