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Don’t mess with Texas

Campus Cleanup


Campus Cleanup is a student-focused program that helps college and high school organizations actively support the Don’t mess with Texas® effort by encouraging them to keep their campuses and communities clean and litter-free.

Research shows that Texans ages 16-34 years old are still the most likely to litter. Help change the way your peers think about litter by getting out there and doing something about it. You’ll be giving back to your community and participating in an event that will look great on your resume!


The 2014 Don’t mess with Texas Campus Cleanup is available to any student or student group interested in coordinating a cleanup event. While student groups can hold campus cleanup events anytime, we encourage schools to schedule events on April 5th, our statewide Don’t mess with Texas Trash-Off.

The Don’t mess with Texas Trash-Off is the state’s signature event for the Great American Cleanup, the nation’s largest community improvement program, held annually from March 1 through May 31.


It’s easy! The Don’t mess with Texas Campus Cleanup Toolkit (PDF, 310kb) is a great resource to help you organize and carry out the event. Our poster series on this page will help spread the word and get people involved.

After your event, send your survey responses and photos to, and check back to see if your school’s photos are posted. We’ll also make sure to add your school’s name to our 2014 participant list to be featured on our website.