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Join thousands of Texas-loving friends to clean up our roads and remind others that we don’t take kindly to litterers in the Lone Star State.

Report a Litterer

Even after more than 35 years of the Don’t mess with Texas® campaign, litterbugs still roam the roadways, tossing trash from their car windows and letting litter fly out of their truck beds. We’re talking about cigarette butts, fast food wrappers, and the like. They’re small, but they’re still trash.

Make a Difference

Remember, these are YOUR roads, and litter cost us Texans $47 million dollars a year. At the local level, it puts an economic and environmental burden on our communities. And sets a bad example for the next generation of Texans, and those coming into the state.


If you tend to follow your own road, why not put your name on it and make it official? All you have to do is adopt a section of a Texas roadside and clean it up four to six times a year. The first highway to be adopted was right here in Texas—now it’s your turn. And it doesn’t cost a thing.


The 2022 Don’t mess with Texas® Trash-Off will be Saturday, April 2.