Elementary School

Elementary School

Teach your elementary age students that you’re never too young to live litter-fee. Here, Don’t mess with Texas provides free resources for Elementary School educators so that these young Texans can learn about different types of litter, how and why litter accumulates and what they can do to keep their school environment clean.


Objective: By this lesson’s end, students will know how to recognize various types of litter, understand what litter does to the environment and know that they can help keep their school and home clean. At the end of the lessons, students will create their own Don’t mess with Texas campaign to help combat litter at their school. It is suggested that lessons be taught during the science block.

Please click below for a copy of the Elementary lesson plan and its components:

  • Included:
    • Five-day lesson plan with 45-minute lessons each day
    • An additional one-day lesson plan as a supplemental option