Make a Difference

Real Texans Don’t Litter — Real Texans Take Action

Remember, these are YOUR roads, and litter cost us Texans $47 million dollars a year. At the local level, it puts an economic and environmental burden on our communities. And sets a bad example for the next generation of Texans, and those coming into the state.

As big a problem as litter is, it’s still in everyone’s power to take care of it.Here’s how you can start!

  • GET OUT!

    Get outdoors and start picking up trash. If that sounds ridiculous, think about this: if every Texan picked up just two pieces of litter a MONTH, we’d be litter-free in a year. We can all make a big dent in the problem.

  • SIGN UP!

    Don’t Mess With Texas and our partners offer several ways to clean up the state. You can also contact your local city government to see what programs they can connect you to.


    Reduce your waste. From straws at fast food drive-thrus, to plastic grocery bags to plastic bottled water—there are ways to cut down on waste before it ends up in your vehicle and possibly on the road. For example, get reusable containers for water and to bag your groceries or refuse extra food packaging when you grab a bite to eat.


    Share your litter-prevention efforts on social media. You might be surprised which friends you’ll inspire.